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Be afraid… be very afraid…

In Action, Medical, Parent issues, Perceptions on July 29, 2013 at 4:46 am

In May this year, I wrote a letter to Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin.

My letter was in response to her assertion in this article that following Early Intervention 50% of children with autism will be ‘educationally normal’ (whatever that means).

Today, I got a response.

I’ll insert it here as a series of pictures, because I don’t have the tech skill to do anything else.

All I will say is if you have a newly diagnosed child in Australia, be very very afraid.

The people in charge are not even remotely up to speed on what autism actually means.





One response… (though there could be so many).

Does anyone know anyone with a child diagnosed with autism whose needs disappeared after EI? Because it seems like the government is relying on there being quite a few of these stories, and I don’t know one.

And (I lied about the one response thing)…

With all your careful tiptoeing around first person language and care to assure me you are empowering people, Kate Costello, could I suggest you do not refer to the early medical care of my child as an ‘investment’. It kind of gives away the idea that you aren’t really valuing him as an individual. At all.

Off to buy a lottery ticket.

  1. I read that to mean that if your child has ongoing needs they will be supported but that accessing EI doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled. After assessment most if not all kids will have ongoing needs which will be met like any other PWD.

    Or call me Pollyanna

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