Valerie Foley

Vitamin D again

In Research, Supplements on February 3, 2013 at 5:33 am

Vitamin D again

What’s interesting, to me, about the coverage of this study of the link between ASD and Vitamin D is that it comes from Saudi Arabia. Even with sun screen and clothing coverage, there’s access to environmental Vitamin D a-plenty, if you take the recommended daily levels into consideration.

The idea that a lack of sun exposure is the issue is questionable. It’s the same here in Australia (or anywhere that doesn’t have significant stretches of the year where being out in the sun is a challenge).

In our personal experience, we are learning there seems to be an issue with synthesizing Vitamin D. No matter how much we supplement, sunbathe or add D rich foods, the levels don’t rise. More than that, oral supplementation causes significant GI disruption.

The naturopath says that’s because Billy is not metabolising fats, because his liver needs support, and D is a fat soluble vitamin. So, we take a step backwards try and support his liver function better (so at some point we can take a couple of steps forward again).

The question is… why?

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