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The Fluoride Question

In Environment on January 6, 2013 at 1:03 am

This one interests me a lot.

It won’t surprise anyone that I err on the side of caution fluoride wise. We drink RO (pure) water and we use fluoride toothpaste (I’m cagey on this, but it’s a compromise. I’d like the toothpaste manufacturers to fess up their full list of ingredients, and then I’d feel better).

Here’s the logic I’m working with, and some links to support where I’m coming from. Obviously, these links are advocating one side or the other… follow the references within the articles, not just the statements in the articles (universal advice for any issue, I reckon).

FWIW, Billy’s dentist agrees on this issue.

– teeth are important.
– good nutrition, in a child’s life, is the key to the development of strong teeth.
– good maintenance of teeth is effected with sensible nutrition, regular brushing and adequate regular water intake.
– fluoridating water has limited value in improving oral health. It’s an old hypothesis, which was established a long time ago and which has been effectively challenged in recent times.
– fluoride, as decay prevention, is most effective as a topical preparation, and ingesting fluoride has risks (most specifically to the neurological and endocrine systems, neither of which I want to mess with).
– the fewer added chemicals in Billy’s life (all of our lives), the better.

A Paediatric Oral Health Perspective

Some Risks of Fluoride

What the WHO say

What Dr Mercola says

It’s never easy, but almost ten years into this game, I am so sick of the feeling that I probably made the wrong call a long time ago, just because I couldn’t’ve been arsed reading about it at the time.

I’m not saying I’m universally right (man, wouldn’t that be awesome). I’m saying there’s more than one standpoint, especially when your child is already vulnerable.

  1. We changed to herbal toothpaste a few years ago as the regular toothpaste is like a drug for Dillon.

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