Valerie Foley

Is being diagnosed with autism a ‘trend’?

In Parent issues on January 3, 2013 at 12:26 am

Is being diagnosed with autism a ‘trend’?

Autism pioneer Uta Frith appeared on a BBC documentary recently intimating that the autism epidemic was inspired by the film ‘Rainman’. Read all about this remarkable news here:

So, either the doctors (who we are supposed to believe have incredible insight and have been better diagnosing) are stupider than we thought, or kids are getting brilliantly manipulative and are mimicking Dustin Hoffman playing a man who didn’t actually have an autism diagnosis, or parents are memorising the script and relaying it to doctors… or… it’s all utter crap.

FWIW, here’s what it takes to get a diagnosis in Australia (and this is a pretty soft version of the reality):

A simple google, or even chat with someone with an autistic family member will give you an even clearer idea of how challenging it is to get a diagnosis of autistic disorder. It looks like it will get even harder come May when the DSM V comes into play.

The media myth that autism is some attractive nirvana where dysfunctional kids magically get respect for their differences, or even worse where busted parents covet such a diagnosis… would be seriously hilarious if it wasn’t so offensive.

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