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Gotta start talking about them sometime…

In Action, Medical, Parent issues, Research on January 2, 2013 at 9:53 am

Gotta start talking about them sometime…

Billy’s team are cautiously united about the fact that his response to vaccines was atypical and contributed to his current health challenges. They include autism in that.

They think this, not because they are uniformly counter-culture hippy doctors (they are the exact opposite, to be honest, all aligned with major children’s hospitals) or because I have convinced them of a mysterious conspiracy theory. They say this because an inflammatory response is easy to see if you are ‘lucky’ enough to be in hospital care at the time it occurs. Auto-immune responses have similar tell tale red flags, and we were in hospital pretty darn quick after those too.

I’m trained to write funny scripts for kids, so I’m not going to say all vaccines are evil. I am going to say – because I’ve seen it, I’ve read it, and I’ve been told it by both qualified professionals and traumatised parents, that some vaccines are very bad for some people. And many of those people end up on the autism spectrum, living with a spectrum of chronic medical conditions.

How we know which vaccines and which people… should be where some investigative light is shone, in my mind. I think we need to stop thinking the current approach to immunization is OK, ie. it will be safe and people who say it won’t are crazy. We need to stop saying parents are making an informed choice, when most actually have very little information when they ‘choose’ to immunize or not. Moreover, if they ask for information, it is rarely forthcoming and devlishly difficult to access.

I’d think we also need to stop talking about pro and anti, and start talking about safety – actual, demonstrable safety.

In the meantime, start reading the link above.

And these…

And if you are in Australia, read how our vaccines are tested and regulated:

Or not.

  1. I am definitely pro informed choice, we make too many choices regarding ourselves and our children on auto pilot

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